What does Maca Root do to Men’s Health?

maca root benefit for men health

This root is an adaptogenic herbal plant that is grown in the high altitudes of the Andes in Peru. It has been used for centuries due to the presumed medicinal properties of the herbal plant. Its reputation is mainly due to its presumed benefits for sexual function and fertility.

If history is observed, it was 1653 when the properties of the plant and its name were described by Father Cobo. He explained the benefit of Maca for fertility. In the later years of the 18th century, another traditional scientist, Ruiz, affirmed the positive association with fertility.

He also explained the energizer effect and the effect of consumption on overall mood and well-being.

After the root became popular in the 1980s, the world is busy exploring the adaptogenic benefits of this plant protein-enriched species. However, this blog will be focusing on the benefits of maca consumption for men’s health.

Our discussion will be based on the research evidence and aim to help you in finding the right adaptogen to include in your diet. Let’s start.


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 Health benefits of maca consumption for men 



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 Sexual function 

Sexual function can be described as the sexual behavior of an individual over the sexual response cycle. The overall sexual health is the aggregate of sperm count, semen quality, and sexual desire.

From traditional claims, Maca is beneficial for the sexual health of men. When the research was done on the aspect, it was found that its consumption results in better sexual function, sperm count, and semen quality. These findings have been affirmed by different studies conducted on animals as well as humans.

Furthermore, the black one is proved to be more beneficial for improving sexual function in men as compared to yellow or red Maca. However, in the sperm function efficiency examination, the yellow one, along with black Maca, was found to be helpful.


peruvian maca for men

 Strength and Endurance 

Traditionally, this Peruvian root has been used as an energizer to increase stamina. However, with the progression in research and the unleashing of the strength and endurance properties of Maca, it has become a favorite of athletes and bodybuilders.

Many athletes and bodybuilders now take powdered Maca in their diet as supplements to boost their stamina.

This benefit of the plant was confirmed in a small study conducted on 8 cyclists. They were given doses every day for 14 days, and their performance was monitored. It was found that cyclists’ performance was improved.


peruvian maca for men

 Helps in the Prostate function 

In their aging years, many men face the problem of an increase in their prostate size. This increase results in problems with urination. The large size of the prostate leads to the narrowing of the urine pipe, which becomes severe in some cases.

The consumption of the root in considerable amounts over 2 to 3 months will result in reduced size of the prostate.

This benefit was not known to traditional medicine experts. However, modern research unveiled the properties of Maca that help in reducing benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH).


peruvian maca for men

 Muscle building 

Maca is a nutritious, medicinal plant that is rich in its content. According to the World Health Organization, it is the most sustainable plant-sourced protein on the planet earth. Surprised?

The root contains around 14 to 16% of the protein content. The research about the muscle-building property of Maca is in the early stages. Still, from the results and conventional claims, it is extremely fruitful for those who are planning to build muscle mass.


peruvian maca for men

 Erectile Dysfunction 

It is defined as the inability to keep an erection firm enough for sex. Erectile dysfunction is very common among men in their later ages, and it is the primary reason for sexual problems. It might be an outcome of smoking, depression, and anxiety.

However, Maca has not disappointed us in this field either. Consuming Peruvian Maca for 2 to 3 months with a daily dosage of 2 to 3 grams helps to alleviate erectile dysfunction. It results in the overall well-being and good sexual health of men.


peruvian maca for men

 Regulates Hormones 

Do you know Maca has 20 amino acids, and out of the 8 are the amino acids that are essential for the human body? The presence of essential amino acids proves beneficial for hormone regulation in men. Therefore, add the powder to your diet. What about a latte or a smoothie?


peruvian maca for men

 Cognitive ability 

Many research studies have shown the effectiveness of consuming black Maca for improved cognition and memory retention. Natives of Peru add Maca to their children’s diet to have better school performance.

The metabolites present in the black one have a positive impact on the hypothalamus which is situated above the pituitary gland and is responsible for memory retention.


peruvian maca for men


Osteoporosis is a disease related to the thinning of bones. The Peruvian root has proved to be beneficial for the strength of bones in adult men and women. One research was conducted on the natives of Peru who used to take the root since childhood. The people who used Maca were compared with those who didn’t consume it daily.

It was found that individuals between the ages of 35 to 75 had a lower rate of fractures in men who were consuming it daily.


peruvian maca for men

 Negatively Affect Thyroid Function 

Maca has numerous benefits, but it might trigger your thyroid problems if you are already suffering from thyroid dysfunction. Therefore it is advised that if you have a thyroid-related ailment, take your doctor’s prescription before adding supplements to your diet.


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 Add Peruvian Maca to your diet 

The Peruvian plant has great research-proven benefits for the health of men. You can add it to your diet in the form of grounded powder to be added in juices or smoothies. It is also marketed in the form of capsules and extracts.

One thing that must be taken care of is that there are different types to consume. Every kind of them has more or less the same benefits, but there is a slight difference. Depending on your need, you should buy the right one. For instance, black Maca is beneficial in memory and sexual function. So, just be conscious of what type of Maca you are going to use.



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