Benefits of Maca for Fertility

maca fertility benefits

You might have heard about the health benefits of this root for fertility and reproduction. The only benefit of maca root is not the enhancement of fertility; instead, the root has been used over centuries in Peru’s region for its effectiveness against various ailments.

Its scientific name is Lepidium Meyenii, and the flavor resembles cress. That’s why its scientific name contains Lepidium, the classical name of cress.

The plant that is grown at the high altitudes of The Andes was recognized for its effectiveness against infertility and reproductive function by Father Cobo back in the 16th century. The 17th and 18th-century scientists also found agreement with the previous claims. However, the modern world has just started to explore the Peruvian plant and its benefits.

The findings of studies conducted so far have shown maca to be effective against male & female infertility, libido, and prostate. It has also shown reduced anxiety and blood pressure in menopausal women.

This page intends to study the most prominent benefit of Peruvian ginseng and find if maca is actually up to its reputation.


maca fertility

 Is Maca Good for Fertility? 

For more than 2000 years, maca has been tested medically and pharmaceutically to explore its health benefits. We have consolidated the findings of major research studies in our blog.


maca root benefits

 Male Reproduction 

A number of studies explored the root benefits, and findings showed maca consumption’s impact on sexual function, sperm count ⇗, serum hormone, and prostate function.


maca root benefits

 Sexual Function 

Sexual dysfunction has a common prevalence in men during aging. Around 20 to 30% of men experience sexual dysfunction in their old age. Different studies conducted have shown that consumption over a certain period helps to improve sexual function in men.

The positive impact of maca on the operation of reproductive function is often attributed to the novel substances macaenes and macamides that are present in the root only.


maca root benefits

 Sperm Function 

When it was tested on different animal models, the findings showed an increased number of sperms in the animals that were exposed to the root. The results of some studies have also favored the use of black maca for improved sperm function in men.


maca root benefits

 Prostate size 

At increasing age, men often face a problem of the increased prostate size that further leads to the urine pipe’s contraction. In some cases, the condition of the patient gets severe. However, the red maca has been found beneficial for the reduction of prostate size in men.

The secondary metabolites present in the root support the improved prostate function in males.


maca root benefits

 Serum Hormone 

The testosterone levels in the body regulate sexual desire or libido. The use of maca has induced a better function of serum hormones and increased libido in men. However, the identification of the constituent of the Peruvian root that supports libido is still unknown.


maca root benefits

 Female Reproduction 

A female reproductive function has also improved reportedly, by the use of the plant. Improved libido, productivity, and reduced anxiety in menopause are prominent benefits of maca on the female reproductive system.


maca root benefits

 Improved Libido 

The sexual function of men and women is majorly attributed to sexual desire. The sexual drive or desire for sex is known as libido. Between 30 to 40% of women experience sexual dysfunction or decrease libido in their late years. The red maca has been shown to increase the libido of females to a notable level in the studies conducted on mice.


maca root benefits


A study was conducted on female mice given maca over a certain period to check its effect of it on female reproductive function. The use resulted in a higher number of offspring in mice, as well as rainbow sprouts.

It is thought that the increased number of offspring is attributable to the improved quality and survival rate of embryos. And the quality of the embryos can be credited to secret metabolites present in the root.


maca root benefits

 Reduced Anxiety Post Menopausal Women 

A study was conducted on women in their post-menopausal stage, and they were given a regulated amount of maca to observe the effects. The studies found that the plant is effective in reducing anxiety and blood pressure levels in females without disturbing serum estradiol.



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