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It is important to inform you that the site does not own and does not have rights over product brands that are displayed and indicated on our pages by links and images. We do advertising work where a commission is generated and passed on to us by the company that sells such products.


Commercial transaction

The buyer is encouraged to contact the company on the page where he placed the order, in case of problems and unforeseen circumstances with the delivery, payment, use, or other similar situation that makes him need support.



We may eventually make use of cookies. If you are not familiar with the term, these are small files that usually store navigation information in the user browser. This information, such as pages visited and clicks made, is important for us to offer a better experience on the site.



This website was built by an affiliate to perform marketing actions, in order to drive traffic to specific products and companies. An affiliate is a person or company that makes a kind of partnership with product owners, and he has revenue when the visitor, after clicking on his special link or image, makes a purchase on the destination website.


Personal information

The site does not receive important information from buyers. Your information, such as credit card number, address, phone, email, and others, is in the possession of the company from which you made the purchase.

They have pages with privacy, shipping, return policy, and service terms. We recommend that, before paying for merchandise, check these pages to be informed of how they handle these issues.


Product usage

You are encouraged to consult a nutritionist if you are unsure whether the product will be a good addition to your routine. See a doctor if you have any health problems and are unsure if the product is contraindicated for you.

Peruvian maca is a quality product and extremely beneficial to health. It is nutritious and has no contraindications, but we advise pregnant women and people with serious illnesses to avoid or seek the professionals mentioned above in order to find out if it is safe and appropriate.

Follow the recommended usage on the packaging. We are not responsible for misuse or any unforeseen circumstances caused by the misuse of the food.

Search for information on the website of the company where the purchase was made or contact us if you have questions about how to consume the product.


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