January 2022

What is Maca (from Peru)?

Maca is a plant that is grown in the Peruvian Andes, namely in the central region. Adaptogens are a very uncommon category of herbs that alter the body’s reaction to stress, anxiety, and weariness by supporting the body’s systems that cope with stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. In fact, real adaptogens are so uncommon that researchers who […]

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Reasons why Black Maca is so Popular

Because of its numerous health-promoting properties, black maca has recently gained popularity. Let’s start from the very beginning of this discussion.    Types of maca to order today!  As a recall, maca is a root that is natural to the Peruvian Andean plateaus. As a nutritional supplement in powder or pill form, it’s frequently used

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13 Benefits of Red Maca

If you already know about maca, then you have definitely wondered some similar questions. Why there are three types of maca? Is red maca good for me? Why red maca is different from others? If you are going to add maca to your diet then these all questions are great to know about maca. We

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Black Maca for Men and Women

Because black maca has been receiving a lot of attention lately, I decided to answer a few of the most often asked questions about it, and also provide a summary of the advantages and applications of this intriguing plant. And those who are unfamiliar with maca, it is a root from Peru, and the root of

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