February 2022

Pros and Cons of Peruvian Maca

People seem to feel more in control of their health when they take charge of their own care, and eating herbs and roots from all over the world provides a unique touch to society today. Following in this vein, Maca has been heralded as the superfood in recent years. Is it possible to become sick […]

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Is Maca an Aphrodisiac Root?

A recurring soil cover in the Andes, this powerful plant thrives in the most difficult of environments. For centuries, the fleshy root was eaten by Andean shepherds, who also gave it to their cattle. It is believed by locals that maca is an Aphrodisiac Root. Is that correct? Researchers have discovered that maca appears to

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Peruvian Maca Plant Biopiracy

In 2013, a plant known as maca, which is known to increase sexual performance, became a national obsession in China. Peruvian maca farmers generated incredible amounts of money for the first few periods, until the Chinese customers suddenly vanished. So instead of importing the root from Peru, they were cultivating it in their own backyard.

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