How Much does Maca Cost?

how much does maca cost

Since ancient times, people have been using the root of the maca plant to stimulate sexual desire and manage reproductive issues in both men and women.

People in Peru have been known to take maca for the treatment of a broad number of different ailments, in addition to treating weariness, metabolic disorders, and bone density. It has also been consumed to increase memory and to provide the body with more energy and stamina, which is a great benefit.

Maca is actually a plant that grows in Peru villages, at high altitudes of the Andes. It is possible to get the powdered form in the United States for a reasonable price, and this is a great purchase because it can definitely help you live a better and healthy life. Below we will discuss…

What is the cost of maca?

What are the benefits of the powder?

Where you can find high-quality Maca at the best price?


maca price range

 What is the price range for maca? 

Maca may be available in a number of different forms, each of which varies in weight. It is possible to place an order for it online in a few simple steps; nevertheless, it is essential that you choose a reliable online store that will ship you maca of the highest possible quality.

It is essential that you not only look at the price range when purchasing maca but also make sure that it is fair trade and pure organic maca so that you and your family will be consuming a high-quality product.

The powder made from maca is an excellent source of a number of different vitamins and minerals, making it an exceptionally healthy food. You may check the pricing range that The Maca Team practices on their site below. This is the safest place to buy maca online.


peruvian maca

1k of Yellow Maca costs around $30 – It is the most common type of maca and approximately 60 to 70% of its complete harvest. It improves mood, boosts energy, treats memory functions, and more.

15 Yellow maca benefits ⋙

yellow maca price



red maca

1k of Red Maca costs around $45 – It is a rare type of maca and is mostly used for female problems such as hormonal issues, libido, and pregnancy.

13 Red maca Benefits ⋙

red maca price



black maca

1k of Black Maca costs around $55 – It is the rarer form of maca and it is mostly used to treat male hidden issues such as sperm motility, sperm count, and sexual desire.

10 Black maca benefits ⋙

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14 grams of maca root contains about:

• Calories: 45
• Carbs: 10 gram
• Protein: 2 gram
• Fiber: 1 gram
• Vitamin C: 67% RDI
• Iron: 12%
• Copper: 42%
• Vitamin B6: 7,5%
• Potassium: 8%
• Manganese: 5%

Maca is low in total fat, is an excellent source of carbohydrates, and has a respectable quantity of fiber content. Additionally, it has a significant quantity of many vital elements, including copper, iron, and vitamin C. Also, it includes biotic plant chemicals like polyphenols and glucosinolates among its constituents.

If you make your purchase right now, any one of the numerous varieties of maca that are in stock will be mailed to you within one business day. The online shop offers speedy delivery, and customers who spend more than $99 in a single transaction qualify for free shipping.


peruvian maca libido

Increases libido

Decreasing sexual desire is very common in adults. Studies show that maca is very effective to treat libido after 6 weeks of regular usage. This Peruvian root enhances libido in both men and women, so buy black maca to solve this ASAP. It is a small price to pay to have a better sexual life.


maca men fertility

Infertility in Men

When we talk about male infertility, sperm quality and quantity are important. Maca has been used since ancient times and it improves semen quality in both healthy and infertile men. One of the studies shows that after eating maca for 4 months daily scientists detected an increase in sperm motility, volume, and count of sperm.


menopausal symptoms

Symptoms of menopause

Menopause is a stage in a woman’s life when her menstrual cycle stops permanently. The natural decrease in estrogen level may cause different symptoms in the body. These include vaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleep problem, mood swings, and irritability. Maca might eliminate these symptoms if used in a daily diet.

Another study shows that the Peruvian root also improves bone health in women because they have a higher risk of bone breakage or osteoporosis after menopause. Take a look at the pricing range for red maca since it may be able to assist you with the symptoms associated with menopause.


maca antidepressant

Enhance mood

Many studies have found that maca can improve your mood. Because menopausal women face anxiety and depression so it reduces these symptoms and enhances their moods. The powder contains flavonoids that are responsible for physiological benefits.


benefit energy exercise stamina

Energy and performance

Maca is a very popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders. It has been professed to boost energy, improve exercise performance, increase strength, and gain muscles. It also improves the endurance performance of the body.


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Protect skin

UV (Ultraviolet) rays damage your skin when in contact with sun exposure. Over time it can lead to wrinkles and increases the chance of skin cancer. Keep in mind that it works when applied to the skin it does not protect you from sun exposure by eating.


maca benefits for memory

Memory / learning

Maca improves brain functions. Brain functions include memory, learning, depression, anxiety, and different other brain issues. It enhances clarity, focus, and learning in children and adults. In fact, it has been used by Peruvian people to improve their children’s memory in school. Black maca has more powerful ingredients to boost memory.


maca for prostate

Prostate size

The prostate is a gland found in men. Enlargement of this gland also called (BPH) benign prostate hyperplasia is common in older men. The large prostate causes many problems with passing urine because it surrounds the tube from where the urine passes. Few studies on rats suggest that red maca is useful to treat prostate size, so paying $45 dollars for 1k of powder is an affordable price to improve this aspect in your life, right?


benefit for human bone

Bones / teeth

Maca in all of its colors—yellow, red, and black—has been used to increase bone density. This is possible because maca has a relatively high calcium content. Maca in its black form is more effective than maca in general for increasing bone density, and it also helps to strengthen teeth. It has also been suggested that the Peruvian root might be useful in the treatment of osteoporosis.


maca root woman health

Main benefits of maca for females

• Black maca – muscle building
• Improve curve
• Boost energy
• Boost stamina
• Red maca- Increase Libido
• Red maca- Treat infertility
• Improve skin tone
• Red maca- Menopause hormone balance
• Treat sexual dysfunction and sexual drive in postmenopausal females
• Prevent osteoporosis
• Improve mental clarity and focus
• Reduce depression
• Hair growth


about maca

Main benefits of maca for males

• Muscle Building (Black maca)
• Increase energy
• Increase stamina
• Increase immunity
• Overcome erectile dysfunction and increase libido
• Improve fertility( Black maca)
• Improve hair growth
• Strong bones and teeth
• Improve prostate health (Red Maca)
• Improve clarity and mental focus
• Reduce Depression
• Increase immunity

maca root effects

In most cases, maca does not cause any negative side effects. On the other hand, some people in Peru feel that ingesting raw maca might sometimes have negative consequences, thus they recommend boiling it first. The recommended daily dosage of maca is 3 to 9 grams each day.

Maca includes goitrogen, which has been shown to interfere with the functioning of thyroid glands, therefore those who have thyroid problems should take caution while consuming it. Before using maca, nursing mothers and expectant mothers should discuss the supplement with their healthcare providers.


purchase maca powder online

 Where can I find Maca in my area at the best price? 

It is relatively simple to include maca into your regular diet. It may be consumed in the form of a supplement, or it can be added to foods such as cereals, smoothies, protein bars, baked goods, and many more. It comes in powder, capsules, and in liquid extract forms.

It is difficult to determine where you may obtain maca in your area; nevertheless, you can purchase it online and take advantage of the competitive costs and high-quality standards.

So, when buying Peruvian maca online, how much should you expect to pay?

Yellow Maca is priced at roughly $30 for a kilo.

Black Maca costs around $55 for a kilo.

The price of a kilo of Red Maca is about $30.



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