Can I grow Maca in the United States?

grow maca root in united states

The Peruvian root vegetable maca is often referred to as the country’s “national treasure,” and it is widely regarded as a superfood by the scientific community. Maca grows exclusively at high elevations and is considered to be so valuable that the Peruvian government has prohibited anybody from exporting maca, either in seed form or in whole, out of the nation.

So, is it possible to cultivate Maca Root in the United States? Many individuals have had the same thought, but after learning more about the recent events between Peru and China, they have given up any hope altogether. Of course, it would be wonderful if you could grow this root in your garden, but it is probable that this will not be achievable. Keep reading and you discover the reason.


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 Maca does not grow in the US with the same Quality 

Historically, the plant has been used and valued in a variety of ways, going back to the Incas. In addition to promoting fertility, the root is effective in treating insomnia. The root, on the other hand, was being progressively forgotten. Maca was designated as an endangered species in the 1980s. It was not only in Peru, but also in Asia, that maca re-emerged as a popular health food throughout the late 1990s.

When the Chinese landed in Peru, they immediately began acquiring all of the Peruvian Maca. They also drove some farmers to China in order to try to replicate the practices.

Following this, the Chinese shipped seed material as well as Maca fruit across the lightly guarded Bolivian border, with the goal of investigating and enhancing its production in Yunnan, a hilly region in China’s southernmost province. Because of the significant differences in soil composition and the unsuitability of the climatic circumstances, the project was never completed.

Today, the Chinese treat maca as if it were their own, yet according to one expert, maca does not grow anyplace else with the same quality as it does in Peru. This can make you rethink growing maca in the United States, right?


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 Low-quality Chinese Maca in Europe 

There hasn’t been much authentic Maca powder available in Europe for many years. People have complained that the Chinese variant has no effect on them and have stopped ingesting it. The level of the alkaloids Macaenes, as well as Macamides in Peruvian Maca, is critical for its efficacy.

Because of its effectiveness, it is the most commonly pointed natural solution for the pituitary gland, whose malfunction is growing more and more severe with age. It is a fantastic finding, because only Peruvian Maca possesses it in high concentrations, making it unique.

I am grateful that American consumers are indifferent to spending a bit more for premium Peruvian maca of superior quality. The decision is certainly solid, but you must be attentive and conduct a thorough investigation to see where the powder is sourced.


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 Maca is a National Heritage food in Peru 

It was in 2004 that the Peruvian government recognized maca to be one of the country’s most important export. Investments in scientific research, on the other hand, have fallen short of this goal.

Among the few organizations in Peru dedicated to the study of this superfood are the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, and the International Potato Center, all of which are located in Lima.

Sorry to tell you this but cultivating maca in the United States is a waste of time, as the root requires an optimal environment to thrive. But don’t stop consuming the powder since it can boost memory, learning, and fertility. It also improves stress resistance, aids in the treatment of prostate issues, helps to maintain energy levels, promotes vitality, and many other benefits.

There are more than 10 kinds that may be distinguished by their hues, which include yellow, black, red, white, pink, lead, and various shades of red. Each hue has a unique set of health advantages to offer.


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 You can’t send maca roots and seeds to the US 

As you can see, it is pointless to attempt to cultivate maca on US soil. Peruvian farmers are already suffering as a result of this crisis involving Chinese nationals.

China has been attempting to take Peruvian riches since 2000, but has been failing since maca of Chinese origin does not possess even half of the qualities of maca from Peruvian origins. The Peruvian government outlawed the export of entire Maca vegetables, seeds, as well as other resources that may be used for production outside of the country, in order to defend its national interest and to save the cultural heritage.



Maca is a root vegetable that originated in Peru’s high Andes and is considered a national heritage food. Because of this, it has been prohibited to transfer entire roots and seeds outside of Peru since 2003. Attempting to grow maca in the United States is illogical.

Some may argue that it is not illegal, but it is ethically questionable and unwise. Citizens of Peru are already feeling the effects of the current situation.



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