13 Benefits of Red Maca

red maca benefits

If you already know about maca, then you have definitely wondered some similar questions.

Why there are three types of maca?
Is red maca good for me?
Why red maca is different from others?

If you are going to add maca to your diet then these all questions are great to know about maca. We will discuss all benefits of red maca hope you get all your answers.

If you visit the mountains of Peruvian at harvest time, you will see that maca has a variety of colors. Peruvians use the same seeds, in the same soil, and belong to the same species, but the exterior colors of maca are different after growing up.

For years maca was lumped together and devoured as a mixture to treat fertility and boost energy. But after some time studies have shown that red, yellow, and black maca has different health benefits. These three are quite different from each other because of some nutritional values.


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 Why red maca is different from black and yellow? 

From the outside, all maca are different in colors: red, yellow, and black. The color difference is limited to the root skin, and the inside is basically white flesh. That’s the reason why all maca powder is similar to light brown in color. The black one is a little darker than the yellow one, and the red powder will not be completely red.

All maca has approximately similar health benefits they are packed with a good source of fiber and vitamins. But red maca has more powerful antioxidants and antitumor activity. Another difference is the taste, some people love the taste of maca but some do not love it. The red one has a milder and more gentle flavor and the sweetest taste of all.

Red maca is good for…


maca root benefits

 Bone strength and Density 

Maintaining bone health reduces the risk of broken bones. Red maca improves the health of bones and increases bone density. Its high calcium content when combined with estrogen gives positive effects on bone health.


maca root benefits


This Peruvian root is highly beneficial for prostate health. Studies show that when it has been given to rats with enlarged prostates for six weeks. They notice red maca started reducing prostate size within 1 to 14 days after consumption.


maca root benefits

 Mood and energy 

All maca is beneficial for mood and energy, but the red root is more powerful for improving mood, energy, sexual desires, and treating sexual dysfunctions.


maca root benefits


A study shows that all maca has anti-depressant properties but red maca is slightly powerful to use as an antidepressant.


maca root benefits

 Wound healing 

It generates a positive effect on wound healing, it increases the number of macrophages and decreases the number of neutrophils.


maca root benefits

 High in nutrients 

Red maca has the highest values of nutrients are present rather than black or yellow. The studies show that a high concentration of Glucosinolates is present if combined with black and yellow maca.


maca root benefits

 Skin Health 

The red maca powder is also good for the skin. It protects you from strong UV rays and sunburn. It protects the skin from sun exposure if you apply its paste on your skin.


maca root benefits

 Immune Booster 

It also works as an immune booster because it is filled with multiple vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which also boost your immune system.


maca root benefits

 Other Benefits of Red maca 

• Female fertility – It is not just good for male fertility, it also increases libido in females and improves fertility.
• Balance hormones – It is also good for hormone imbalance.
• Menopause – It provides relief from menopause symptoms.
• Acne – It can treat hormonal acne.
• Brain – Treat insomnia and increase brain power.


red maca

 Different types of red Peruvian maca 

There are different ways to consume maca, each way has its own taste and benefits. Let’s discuss some kinds of maca.


red maca

 Raw red maca 

It comes from red maca roots that dried out in sun for months. This kind of maca reduces its sharp taste and saves its nutrients level.


red maca

 Gelatinized red maca 

This maca is pre-cooked before processing and extracts most of the starch from the maca root. Some nutrients are lost during this process but not an immense amount. Anyone who has digestion problems can consume this maca.


red maca

 Premium raw red maca 

This is the kind of maca that dried in dehydrators without sunlight. It has a high glucosinolate and pungent taste.


red maca

 Premium gentilized maca 

It is also pre-cooked but created from fresh processed maca root. It is also strong but high in glucosinolate.


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 How to consume red maca in the right way 

If you want to improve your overall health, maca is a great option to add to your diet. You should know the right way before consuming maca.

1- Take maca at least for one to two months or until you get its complete benefits.
2- Take the right amount- about 2-8 capsules, 1-3 tablespoons of powder, or two droppers of liquid extract.
3- You can add maca powder into different recipes such as smoothies, juices, soups, or any other food you like to consume.

Maca is a natural herb that takes time to heal any problem; it may not work the same for every person. For some people, benefits may show in one week or for some time take several weeks. Most people are not getting any benefits from maca because the maca they brought from the market sometimes is not original, it may be a mixture of some colors.

Make sure the maca you are buying comes from Peru. Always go for organic maca which grows without using any chemicals or pesticides. Make sure the maca you are buying is fresh or not. Red Peruvian Maca powder can be stored for a long time but always try to buy fresh harvest and store it in an airtight container.



• Purchase high-quality maca
• Stay consistent – Use it until you get to benefit from it
• Purchase the right kind of maca for you


Hope this article helped you a lot with this simple and beneficial red maca herb. If you have further questions you can ask us below.



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