How Peruvian Maca can Benefit Runners

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This root grows in the province of Peru at an altitude of 11000-13000 feet and there are different types to ingest. It is available in powder form; actually, the roots of Peruvian Maca are nutritious so they ground it until it changes to powder form.

The popularity of maca is becoming high. It helps to strengthen our bones, gives energy so that one can lead the running challenge. It boosts the performance of the user to the next level.


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Which Peruvian Maca to buy?

According to the increased demand for the powder, one can find different types of Maca to order online. All of them look pretty much similar, but what if one doesn’t know how to choose the best quality product among all?

Here is a tip, high-quality organic Peruvian Maca never settles down to the bottom of the glass filled with water that you see powder and water separately. Always buy good quality food to improve your health.

Whenever you see the word organic it means that the product is 100 percent natural, with no chemical involved inside during the production. Always buy certified Peruvian Maca for the best results.


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How Runners can take benefit from Peruvian Maca?

This root is well known among bodybuilders. It helps to strengthen muscle power and also gives more stamina to work better for running and performance.


The plant is full of Nutritions. It has a bunch of Vitamins and minerals such as:

Calories 91
Fiber 2g
Fat 1g
Vitamin B6
Vitamin C
much more

These nutritious properties are not only good for a normal person but also give huge power to athletes and runners. The powder has low fat but contains a good amount of fiber to last and perform better for a runner.


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Using Peruvian Maca before running

Taking maca before running helps to boost your energy, enhance your stamina, endurance and also helps to fight fatigue and tiredness. By using it you have more energy for your running and other exercises.

This will just improve the overall performance you can give either in running or wherever you want. Peruvian Maca helps to run with more intensity and runners can run much faster and longer. The root also improves your mood and motivation. This is very much important as it will help you to feel better while you are running and give you more motivation overall.

You should focus on a goal you want to achieve in running so the plant also enhances Cognitive function. The cognitive function helps focus on your performance to achieve the desired goal in running. Ingest maca for at least 1 hour before you going to do running that it digests and absorbs the nutrition and effects to start kicking in.

The Peruvian root contains Protein and Amino acids. It contains 17-18 Amino acids out of 20 that your body needs to function properly. It is a great source of Plant-based protein and this also helps to improve muscle protein synthesis and helps to get in a more anabolic state so yes it’s also great for building muscles.

One more benefit to taking Peruvian Maca before running is it can support hormone balance, this is everything to help to increase testosterone production but also helps to reduce excess estrogen levels, so it will help you to make muscle mass, lower your boy fat and improve your overall body composition, however, it enhances the performance of runners.

Another hormone that it has a big effect on is the stress hormone cortisol. It helps to lower cortisol levels and even helps to reduce stress levels physically and mentally and put your body in a better state to recover from your running process, so you perform better the next time you go for a run.

One more side benefit of lowering cortisol and reducing stress is that it helps to get better sleep. Sleep an incredibly important aspect of recovering and your performance in running. So lowering Cortisol improves your sleep quality this helps to recover much more optimally than if you are not sleeping well at all.

This Peruvian plant can also improve the health of the Thyroid and adrenal glands and improving this just help your body to heal much more efficiently and much more cellular level, so it helps to heal the thyroid and adrenal glands along with lowering cortisol, balancing, and improving your Hormone levels, getting some extra protein and Amino Acids these will all just help you to recover and perform better in running.

So here is all about why the root is important for runners, it is super that just boosts your body to another level.


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Use of Peruvian Maca in the diet for Runners

Here I will tell you about the nutritional diet for runners. You can use it as Shake, but today we will tell you how to use it in Smoothie super quick, super easy, and super nutritious. You should have Quality protein quality carbohydrates in your smoothie. Add anything else if you want to change the flavor. Besides all basic formulas is always remains the same.

So here it is…

Mango Berry Blast Smoothie:

• 1 Diced mango
• 1/3 Cup Strawberry
• 1/3 Cup Blueberry
• ½ Cup Yogurt
• 1 Teaspoon Peruvian Maca Powder
• ½ to 1 Cup almond milk
• 2/3 Ice

So here is your smoothie full of nutrition.

Keep in mind that Yogurt should be Greek as it is high in protein. Use almond milk as it contains Vitamin D, which means much healthier, whereas cow’s milk does not contain Vitamin D. This smoothie increases the power to perform best for runners


who should not take maca

Warnings/ Precautions:

The root is a natural plant and believed to be safe to use, but if one suffering from sensitive hormonal issues avoid usage of Peruvian Maca.
In the time of pregnancy avoid using it.
Don’t use it if you are breastfeeding it may harm the baby,
Always ingest the powder or any supplement in a balanced amount.
Always consult a doctor before having one.




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