Is Maca Good for Muscle Building?

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Maca is an Indigenous Andean Vegetable that has been grown and cultivated. It is a root Crop for about 2000 years. It can be used as a remedy medicinally or as a part of a diet plan and grows in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay.

It is the only plant that grows at high altitudes in harsh conditions. It has been used as an important food in Peru. Maca Looks like Radishes or Turnips and its roots have various colors like Yellow, Red, and Black.


 What is Maca? 

It is a plant that originated in the Andes Mountains in Peru. It is the only plant that grows at about 12 thousand feet of altitude. It is the only plant that can grow at such a high altitude in really freezing cold weather. Maca basically produces roots and leaves. The root is dried and pulverized so that we can consume it easily. Maca root has all the nutrients and all the vitamins. Some people also call it a superfood due to its huge benefits.


maca root benefits

 Nutritional Value of Maca: 

Dried Maca root contains 70 to 75% carbohydrates, 11 to 16% Proteins, and 8.5% Fiber. It also contains a huge amount of minerals such as Iron, Potassium, and calcium. It also contains a great number of vitamins like B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. Even it also contains about 19 Amino acids. These are the reasons that people call it a superfood.


maca root benefits


People use Maca for fertility, enhancing sexy desire, increasing stamina, and boosting energy. Research points out that the usage of maca makes you depression-free, Stress-free, supports prostate health, and increases bone density. And bodybuilders claim it to be highly beneficial to the one who wants to make some muscles.

It also boosts your libido; it even balances our hormones in both males and females. Consuming Maca improves skin; it even helps to grow healthy hairs, healthy teeth, and bones. Maca improves the circulation of blood in the body. Maca enhances memory and improves learning power. Usage of maca helps your body to protect from UV rays.

People with sore muscles are advised to use maca as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Maca has too many benefits.



Basically, Green, Blue, and Purple Maca are rare to find. Yellow, Black, and Red Maca are common to find in health stores.


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 Yellow Maca: 

It has very fewer medicinal substances than others. Yellow maca has a bit of sweet taste and can be used in cooking, Shakes, and even in dishes.


black maca

 Black Maca: 

According to studies, the Black maca is the most Energetic than any other.


red maca

 Red Maca: 

It contains a high amount of Iodine which helps to produce thyroid Hormones. Red Maca is also good for metabolism that helps us to grow.



good for muscle building

 How is maca good for Muscle Building? 

Ever wondered why many bodybuilders use maca for muscle building? The root is unique in bodybuilding supplements as it is also known as a superfood. It raises the energy in a balanced way and helps to recover muscles faster. It is also an anabolic means it helps to create muscles.

Maca is an adaptogen that increases performance in bodybuilding as it balances levels of Testosterone. It has antioxidants that help in performance and helps to improve muscles. As 100g of Maca powder contains 325 Calories, 14.3g of protein, 14.8mg of Iron, 250m of Calcium, and 285mg of Vitamin C.

Maca contains a huge amount of beneficial nutrients that a bodybuilder wants to build strong muscles. Thus one should have to add Maca to his/her diet. Nutrition is the most important element of any program and all it has in Maca. People use supplements other than Maca and get decent results but for amazing results consume Maca not only to build muscles but also to improve your stamina.

The root is purely natural and has no side effects. By consuming it you will get more strength in your muscles, but it will also increase your performance. Muscles should be healthy and for that healthy diet is important. A person is totally dependent on his/her diet. The more he/she will take nutritious food the more he/she will perform better.


maca root benefits

 Maca Diet for Building Muscles: 

Let’s discuss how to add maca to your diet to build some Muscle. We should start our day with a healthy nutritious breakfast. Breakfast gives us true substances that last on us for a good number of hours. The main factor that should be considered for breakfast is low sugar. As we need sugar, use it but in a minimum amount.

However we should not take breakfast that is high in sugar, it only gives you insulin spikes that offer temporary energy.
For Muscles Building add oats plus maca to your diet. It makes you lose weight and acts as a suppressant for you getting hungry quicker. Oatmeal contains soluble fiber which reduces your bad cholesterol.


prepare maca

 Here is the Muscle Building Recipe for you 

• 1 Teaspoon Maca
• 100g Banana
• 100g Pineapple
• 90g Mango
• 300ml Milk

Put all these in a blender, and check consistency according to taste. Here your Smoothie is ready with Organic Maca full of nutrition.


who should not take maca

Precautions and Warnings:


🚩 It’s important to consult a medical professional before you start taking maca as it can have different effects on different people.

🚩 Some people reported high blood pressure after using Maca. Some reported Heartburn, Hot flashes, Increasing heart rate, weight gain, Skin problems, Insomnia menstrual problems, and indigestion. Maybe some people are allergic to Maca.

🚩 Do not consume maca if you are pregnant even if you are breastfeeding

🚩 People with hormone problems like Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, and Uterine Fibroids must avoid Maca.

🚩 Before consuming it do consult a Doctor.

🚩 People having Thyroid problems avoid using Maca as it affects hormones.

🚩 Whatever the supplement or food, use it in a balanced amount. Read about the product you are adding to your diet, and check if you are allergic to the product you want to use or not. Every person has different Stamina and Immune System. Do consult a doctor before consuming Maca or any supplement. Health is wealth, spent some on Maca to live better with strong muscles.



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