What does Peruvian Maca do for Women’s Health

maca root benefit for women health

It is a biomedical plant. Its scientific name is Lepidium Meyenii, and it belongs to the Brassicaceae family of plants. It resembles radish or turnip, whereas its taste is like a potato. It is native to the Andes, high mountain lands of Peru. The name is also due to its location in Peru. In the Andes, the root is treated as a staple, and only two crops are harvested. One is potato, and the other is Maca.

The cousin of Brussels was growing in the Andes for centuries, but suddenly it has come into the limelight. From latte to chocolate milk, juices to smoothies, and even capsules are being marketed for their health benefits. Proponents say that the powdered root of the maca plant has a solution to almost every problem, from a bad mood to low energy and fertility. It is well known as a natural libido booster.

But the facts are near to the claims, but the difference lies as the research is still in the early stages and a long way is there before concluding something. However, the benefits reported by the people using this Peruvian plant encourage the world to use the root for its medicinal benefits.

On this page, our intention is to show you what does Peruvian ginseng does to women’s health.


maca for women

 What does Maca do to women’s health? 

In this section, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of using maca root on the health of women. So let’s get started.


maca root woman health

 It is packed with nutrients 

Low-fat, high carbohydrates, and protein item becomes a woman’s favorite without any questions to answer. And Maca has all in it. The rich plant protein gives you a lot of nutrition and health benefits. The 60% carbohydrates, 18% proteins, and rich content of fiber, calcium, vitamin C, B1, and so on make it desirable.

If you have no problem with the butterscotch like the taste of this plant, Peruvian maca can be your plate of the deal.


maca root woman health

 It helps to improve mood 

It contains amino acids that control your hormones. By consumption of Maca, your hormones respond positively, which in return, affects your mood.


maca root woman health

 Postmenopausal dysfunction 

There are a significant amount of proponents for the claim that the symptoms of postmenopausal dysfunction are alleviated by the use of Maca.

Whereas the reality is a little bit different. There are research studies in the initial stage, where the impact of its consumption is under investigation. However, no clear evidence is there to deny the claim—a study conducted on women to find the impact of maca consumption.

The research study findings showed lowered anxiety, depression, and a better controlled diastolic blood pressure among those consuming 2-gram daily.


maca root woman health

 Natural libido booster 

Libido is defined as the drive of sex desire in men and women. This Peruvian root is a natural libido booster. And if you think that it is like making maggie in two minutes, stop thinking right now. Nothing is going to happen like that. The research data suggests that maca powder helps in increasing libido but up to a certain limit. And even that is not going to happen at once.

A research study was conducted on women, and after 21 days of dosage, results showed better libido in women. It showed a slight difference in the libido of women who were suffering from sexual infertility due to taking antidepressants.


maca root woman health

 Increases fertility 

Many people believe that the root will increase fertility in women. The facts about its effectiveness for sexual function are considerable, but no evidence of increased fertility has been shown. However, a study done on rats found a higher number of offspring in the group given Maca. The evidence for human models is still to be found.


maca root woman health

 Alleviate osteoporosis 

Women aged between 40 to 50 often suffer from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease where bones become weak, and the chances of fractures are increased. However, the research evidence of Maca about its efficiency in alleviating osteoporosis is positive.

The findings of the study showed that women who consumed the root daily had lower rates of bone fractures and injuries. The study also suggested that the use of black Maca is more helpful for strengthening the bones.


maca root woman health

 It prevents sunburn 

Ultraviolet rays of the sun can burn your skin or damage the skin cells. Applying Maca on your skin when interacting with sun rays can protect your skin from UV rays.

The antioxidant properties of the root protect your skin from damaging rays. However, one thing must be noted, it is beneficial only if applied to the skin. The Maca taken by mouth is not going to work against the UV rays.


maca root woman health

 It helps in Weight loss 

Yes, it is helpful in your weight loss journey. We have talked about the energizer properties of the plant and the nutrients involved. One research conducted on people who have been consuming it for years found that they had a low body to mass index as compared to those who didn’t take Maca.

When you add it to your diet, it increases your stamina and strength which helps you to lose weight faster through more workouts and exercise.


who should not take maca

 Who should not take Maca? 

To date, all the toxicity tests have shown that it has no harmful effects. Still, there are certain conditions when adding adaptogens can do more harm than good.


maca root woman health

 Hormone-sensitive ailments 

Women who are suffering from breast cancer or uterine dysfunction are at high risk of hormonal imbalances. Their treatment is done by the close regulation of hormonal balance. In that case, adding it to your diet might worsen your symptoms and cause severe health conditions. Therefore, if you are already suffering from such a disease, avoid adding Maca to your latte.


maca root woman health

 Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not eat it 

Undoubtedly, this root has many benefits for inducing and enhancing fertility among males and females. But, it is highly advised to not take it in any form when you are pregnant. You should also not take Maca during the breastfeeding period.




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