Does Maca Root has Side Effects?

maca root side effects

Grown on the high plateaus and mountains of Peru, maca root, often known as Peruvian ginseng, is very popular among the natives. It has gained significant attention in the last few decades around the globe. There are many ongoing types of research to find out the benefits and potential hazards of this adaptogen.

So far, the research suggests that maca is a superfood with a lot of benefits. Some of them have been confirmed by the initial research, like increasing sex drive, fertility, and semen quality. Whereas many are still under investigation like increasing muscle mass and strength.

So far, the potential risks associated with maca root have been proved by animal studies. However, we still don’t know how these results will be translated into the human model.

But, being on the safe side is always better. Hence it is recommended to intelligently use any herbal food. The information in this blog has been derived from peer-reviewed journals, but it cannot be a substitute for doctors’ advice. Therefore it is recommended to consult your doctor before including anything in your diet.

We have also attempted to find out if this Peruvian root has any side effects on human health or the environment. On this page, we will find the answer to the question: Does maca root has any side effects? From the researcher’s point of view and result findings, we will argue about the potential side effects associated with this miraculous root.


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 All good for most people! 

The research studies conducted have highlighted the positive aspects of Peruvian ginseng. Although one difference in the results of types of maca has been found. The health benefits of supplements made of red or black maca are slight deviations from that of yellow maca.

Generally, maca root is considered to be well tolerated by most people. Many people add powdered maca in smoothies or lattes to reap its benefits. The majority of the people have been satisfied with it, but a considerable amount of people have reported disturbances in their sleeping after taking maca in latte or smoothie.

One reason for this might be taking a maca supplement in the evening or night. Therefore, it is recommended to take maca in the morning time in your smoothies or coffee.


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 Potential side effects associated with the maca root intake 

If maca root has been proved to be on the safer side for most people, it might trigger health issues in others having some ailments already. In this section, we have attempted to explain which people should avoid maca root!


who should not take maca

 People with thyroid problems should avoid it 

The brassica family has a lot on their plate to offer to the world as benefits. The maca root, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts belong to the same family. All of these plants contain goitrogens. Therefore people already suffering from thyroid problems might get severe side effects from using maca root.

It is thought that people having thyroid problems might suffer from hypothyroidism, or the normal functioning of thyroid glands might get interfered with by the use of maca root. Unfortunately, we have to say that people with thyroid dysfunction should avoid maca. They should not take maca in any form, either extract or powder.


who should not take maca

 People having hormonal imbalance must refrain from using it 

Maca root has also been known for working as an estrogen in the human body. Certain health conditions have to be closely regulated. Breast cancer, endometriosis, uterine cancer, or uterine fibroids are some of the most common hormone-sensitive health conditions.

The treatment of these diseases is managed and regulated by close monitoring of estrogen levels and hormonal imbalances. Therefore, people having these conditions or any other hormone-sensitive condition should avoid using maca in the first place as it might worsen their symptoms.

But, it is advised to consult your medical examiner before making any final decisions. Why did we say that? Because not all women need to avoid maca as it might be problematic. Because some of the studies conducted have shown the supportive role of maca in women’s health.

A survey conducted on the impact of maca on postmenopausal women has shown decreased anxiety, depression, and diastolic blood pressure in women without disturbing estradiol levels. The study also showed that sexual dysfunction is even eradicated by the regulated amount of maca taken for a certain period.


who should not take maca

 Breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid taking it 

Maca has been found to positively increase the semen quality and sperm count in men without changing testosterone levels. Another study conducted on cyclists showed increased stamina in them.

The benefits of maca for increasing the sex drive can also not be neglected. There are numerous benefits of maca that can set the couple on the right track when trying to have a baby.

But once the women are expecting, they should put a big no on the use of maca in any form. It can do harm instead of doing good after getting pregnant. It is also recommended that women doing breastfeeding should also not take maca or any such supplement during the whole time of breastfeeding period.


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 Peruvian maca is amazing for your health! 

We have discussed the potential risks associated with Maca root in certain conditions. All the research that has been done on maca root has highlighted the benefits of this Peruvian plant. But, the evidence is considered weaker due to research restrictions like taking a small sample size or doing research on animal models.

To conclude the benefits or side effects of the maca root, extensive modeling on humans, as well as larger-scale studies, can be the solution. Furthermore, the models must be tested for the known risks of maca root to draw a fine line between the dos and don’ts of this adaptogenic root.

These few side effects of the root cannot decrease the effectiveness of this herbal plant in daily life use and, most significantly, for sex-related problems and stamina boosting.




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