Types of Maca and how to use it?

types of peruvian maca

Often called ‘Peruvian Ginseng,’ maca has a history immemorial to human beings. The plant has been grown on the high altitudes of Peru for over 2000 years. The world has just started to know about the root and associated benefits.

The plant is packed with a lot of nutrition proven by the WHO and FAO of the United Nations. It is considered one of the most effective and rich plant proteins known to man. Although all kinds of maca present on the planet are rich in protein and carbohydrates, maca plants’ medical benefits have slight differences.

The adaptogenic benefits of the plant have increased its popularity, and the maca market’s considerable size has been observed in the last few decades. This article is intended to discuss the different types of maca that are known and how each has specific benefits. Let’s start!


kinds of maca root

Kinds of Maca Root

Initially, some scientists were investigating the plant of maca and its different types. They identified and distinguished it into two kinds: wild maca and cultivated maca. However, further research revealed that around five types are known to the world until now.


yellow maca

Yellow Maca

The first type of Peruvian maca that looks like the turnips is most commonly grown in Peru. Yellow maca is the most common type that is often used in culinary by the natives. The frequent use of it is due to the low medicinal properties of this type. The low proportions of those substances make yellow maca a harmless type that can be eaten without due worries.


black maca

Black Maca

If we call black maca the powerhouse type, it won’t be an overestimation. It is the most energizing kind. All energizer properties associated with the Peruvian type ginseng are attributable to the black one. Adding a spoonful is enough to energize the person. The benefits of male fertility are also associated with this kind of root. Therefore, extra care must be taken while adding it to your diet.


red maca

Red, Blue, and Green Maca

These kinds are those that are rich in iodine content. General benefits associated with maca’s colors are improved thyroid hormones that help in metabolism, growth and development, and nervous system.

There are several benefits of red maca due to the presence of certain secondary metabolites in this type. Few prominent benefits of this one are female fertility, libido, reduced anxiety and stress, and memory retention. The high glucosinolates in red maca make it beneficial for reducing the prostate size that is often increased in males during aging.

The benefits exploration of blue and green maca is still in progress, and much information has not been made publicly available or is still unfound.


peruvian maca use

How to use Maca

We have already discussed the benefits of maca associated with each type of plant. But, it is also important to know how the maca can be used and in what proportions.

The natives of Peru traditionally dry the maca after harvesting. The dried part of the plant is boiled before eating to get a soft product. However, the world has made maca their favorite for the health and medical benefits associated with the Peruvian root.

Therefore, the root has been present in the market in different forms and options. We will discuss each in a little detail.


Maca Powder

Powdered maca is the most commonly used formation. It is economical as well as multi-purpose. Either you want to take a spoonful of maca powder to boost your stamina or add it to your smoothie and other recipes.


maca pills

Maca Capsules

Capsules are also available in the markets that can be added to a daily routine to reap the maca root’s benefits.


Maca supplement blends

Many adaptogenic product sellers have made maca supplements available that combine it with other superfoods to enhance the taste of your smoothie and the benefits.


Maca chips

After drying up the maca roots, they are cut into chunks that can be used in teas, drinks, maca recipes, and porridges.


Now that you know the types of maca available to buy, you can choose based on your needs! 😉




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