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Everyone wants to be healthy and young for a long time, and you can achieve that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy way of life is not just limited to exercise and early awakening, it also includes a healthy diet in your routine.

Maca is a superfood that has been used to boost energy, treat libido, immune system, memory, and a lot more other health benefits. It is beneficial for both men and women. But some folks are unsure where to get the best maca powder. Most of the supplements you search online are not trustworthy, and that is the reason you are looking for an honest review of this site, right?

Is it safe to buy Maca from The Maca Team’s online store? Don’t worry, we will discuss where to buy maca which is high-quality and scientifically proven.


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 How secure is The Maca Team website? 

What separates them from others is the quality. With no detectable aflatoxin, The Maca Team is the safest raw Maca brand. While this type of quality comes at a small extra cost, in the case of a powerful adaptogen like Maca, that cost pays off in the long term.

It is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in Maca products. The Maca Team ensures that their goods are organic, GMO-free, fairly traded, and fresh, when they provide a range of high-quality Peruvian Maca products.

They provide eight different varieties of Maca, ranging from organic to raw to gelatinized, in a variety of powder sizes, extracts, and encapsulated.

The Maca Team is a company that specializes in producing maca-based goods. They also manufacture maca coffee, liquid maca extracts, and maca chips, in complement to the maca powder capsules we mentioned. Their goods are all certified organic, vegan, fair trade, non-GMO, and also gluten-free.


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 What Maca type is Best for Me? 

There are three types of maca and their benefits are slightly different from each other.

While maca has a variety of health advantages, they vary widely depending on the hue. This great superfood is recognized for boosting stamina, reducing stress, improving fertility and libido, fighting depression, and increasing energy levels, among other things!

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 Yellow maca  Shop ⋙

It is the most common type of maca also available at cheap rates. It is good for overall health and also beneficial for fertility issues in men and women.

It produces a light brown powder that is similar to the others but differs somewhat in hue. This kind has the most neutral impacts and mild flavor, as well as being the most affordable alternative, making it a popular choice for first-time maca users!

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 Red Maca  Shop ⋙

It is a rare type of maca slightly sweet in taste and also good for fertility functions.

The Best Red maca powder for women (The maca team red maca powder). For those women who are looking to treat hormones, increase their energy level, improve mood, this Red maca powder from the maca team is the best choice.

There’s nothing like an authentic red maca powder. This is a potent material. This is exactly what you need if you are going through menopause. Anxiety, fog, and hot flashes may all vanish. This is something you can’t get enough of. This Red maca help women in:

• Regulate hormone level
• Increase mental focus and energy
• Overcome stress and anxiety
• Improve hair growth and bone density
• Help to reduce symptoms of menopause
• Reduce acne

Some maca has a strong heavy earthy taste but this maca is quite tasty and fairly light. You can add it to your smoothies or coffee in the morning. The Maca Team products are 100% organic certified and glutton free, low GI, and dairy-free giving great digestive experiences.

All the maca powder goes through the certificate of analysis by the maca team. The maca powder they receive is safe and pesticide-free.

• It is easy to digest
• Highly demanding
• Organic, all-natural and pure
• Price friendly
• Give you all benefits that mention above


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 Black Maca  Shop ⋙

The black maca powder by the maca team. It is the rarest type of maca and is used to treat male fertility issues such as improving sperm count, sperm motility, and erectile dysfunction.

It is a natural way to improve libido, sex drive and increase muscle mass in men. Black maca is the rarest form of Peruvian maca. The best black maca in the market is introduced by the maca team. Here are a few researched points discussed about black maca.

• It improves fertility and libido in men
• It also helps to treat erectile dysfunction
• Improve stamina, endurance, and muscle building
• Good for mental focus
• Improve stress and anxiety
• Improve bone density

This maca is packed with eighteen essential amino acids and nutrients. It is raw maca powder that retains its nutrients.

• Rarest form of maca which helps to maintain male sex drive
• Black raw black maca provides you the complete nutrient blend
• The team maca is the well-known brand


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You can take maca daily but in a limited amount for approximately 4 months regularly. The overall dosage is 1 teaspoon or 3.1 grams daily. This daily dose of maca powder gives you the complete benefits that we defined above. Sometimes you will not get the early advantage of maca powder, it can take a few days, don’t worry.


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 What can I mix maca powder with? 



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 Maca Latte 

This maca recipe is really a miracle for boosting energy, treating fertility, PCOS, and hormonal imbalance. This maca latte is the best replacement for coffee in the morning.
You can do variations on your own with the number of ingredients.


• Peruvian maca / 1 teaspoon (Use any type of maca, red, black or yellow)
• Coconut milk / 1cup
• Cacao powder / 1 tablespoon
• Cinnamon ¼ teaspoon
• Cayenne (a pinch)
• Turmeric (pinch)
• Black pepper (pinch)
• Vanillas extract/ 2 to 3 drops
• Honey 1 tablespoon or as required your taste

Mix these ingredients together and enjoy this maca latte every morning with tones of health benefits.


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 Maca cookies 


• Almond flour 3/4 C
• Whole flaxseed, ground 1/4 C
• Raw cacao powder 1/3 C
• Raw maca powder 3 Tbsp
• Coconut flour 3 Tbsp
• Agave nectar 3 Tbsp
• Vanilla extract 1 tsp
• Salt 1/8 tsp
• Water 1/2 C (+ 1-2 Tbsp)


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Mix the above ingredients in a mixer bowl and bake them for one hour. Enjoy these super delicious cookies at night time or any other time when you feel the craving.

Yellow maca can find everywhere in the market but red and black maca is rare. But the team maca doing a great job, they supply high-quality raw red and black maca powder at very reasonable prices. They collect these maca roots from Peruvian villages and make the powder without using any chemicals.

You don’t want to be bothered with recipes, do you? The maca team also sells maca in capsule form, so people who don’t like the taste of maca can buy Peruvian maca capsules. This simple capsule shape means you won’t have to worry about coming up with a recipe for it.

* Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should talk with their doctor before consuming it.



 Purchasing Maca from The Maca Team’s online store is Safe 

Different brands introduced maca powder in local markets, but not all brands can be trustworthy. Some brands are very low in quality because they added some food color with maca. Some of them are not scientifically certified.

The maca team is safe to order Maca and it is doing a great job. They are selling high-quality products at very reasonable rates. Their product is chemical-free with certificate analysis. Hope this review helps you a lot with this amazing root!




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