10 Benefits of Black Maca

black maca benefits

Hi there! My name is Danilo Soares, also known as Dani, and since I have been taking Maca for some time now I will share with you some positive effects that helped me achieve a better life. First, a really critical piece of advice: At the beginning, I tried to save money purchasing suspicious brands and that was a horrible mistake, so order pure and original black maca from a serious online store!

Ok, today I will write about some of the black maca’s benefits, how it is different, and how it affects our health. It is the rarest form, which makes up 10% to 15% of the harvest. This powerful root improved tremendously my energy, endurance, and strength. That is the reason why it is widely used to treat depression and fatigue, and also improve libido. Yes, one of the first aspects you will notice is a big boost in sexual desire, so be prepared.

In my personal case, I felt a huge improvement in my mood, energy, my concentration, and my muscles (and I don’t even work out). I am also feeling that my body is burning fat much faster now, and a great positive change in my life was the healing of a problem on my feet. They used to swell a lot in the heat or when I was sitting and turned red in the sun. Not anymore!

One more blessing that black maca provided me is about going to the bathroom more often. I am not sure what the problem was, I used to visit the bathroom 2 times a week top, but today I am able to go almost daily. If you need more energy, more focus to fight for your dreams, change your desire in bed with much better erections and durability, strengthen your muscles, lose weight increasing your metabolism, Peruvian Maca is the magic solution you need, I guarantee you!


black maca

 Main Benefits of Peruvian Black maca 

It is beneficial for both males and females and has the same results for both. I have been gaining muscle and body definition, so if you wanna take to get better results at the gym session, go ahead. One popular aspect of the root is that it strengthens the male reproductive system and increases sperm production. It’s also widely used as an antidepressant because it improves brain function, brain clarity, and learning. Let’s take a look at common advantages one by one:


maca root benefits


Maca is full of antioxidants. It helps your body to fight off free radicals, which damage the healthy cells in the body. Antioxidants help to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. It also promotes glutathione and superoxide dismutase in the body. Study shows that black maca root has more powerful antioxidants than red or yellow maca.


maca root benefits


Metabolism is responsible for all the chemical reactions that are processed continuously in our body which keep you alive and make your body function properly such as repairing cells, breathing, and digestion. It regulates glucose in the body and prevents metabolic disorders. Our brain requires approximately 25% glucose and black maca root enhances the production of glucose and also maintains a healthier metabolism.


maca root benefits

 Sperm Production 

Black maca is beneficial for sperm production and sperm motility. Study shows that the plant affects sperm count as early as one day after intake, and I attest to that. It also improves epididymal sperm count after eighty-four days of treatment. It is more beneficial for sperm count and sperm motility. The powder is not just useful for sperm count or sperm motility, it is also used to treat sexual dysfunction.


maca root benefits

 Libido and Erection 

Well, to man, in the first few days, you will face a huge bump in your libido. Also, you will experience better erections which will last longer. Women, after pregnancy, illness, or at the time of menopause face low libido problems, so that can be of help too. Black maca is very powerful to treat libido problems in women and men, and also treats early menopausal conditions.


maca root benefits


A lot of people now a day’s have issues with loss of concentration, clarity, depression, and other memory problems. The powder is useful to treat concentration, depression, anxiety, and clarity, and increase learning power. It gives you mental alertness and able you to do your work properly. A study shows that black maca is used to treat all brain functions. It also has positive effects on other memory issues. I definitely felt a huge boost in concentration.


maca root benefits

 Bone Health 

Calcium and vitamin D are important for females for building up strong bones. Black maca improves the health of bones and increases bone density in women. It does not just improve bone health, it can also protect the bone structure from breaking. While running I used to feel horrible pain in my shin ( shin splints ), but not anymore.


maca root benefits

 Improving Mood and Anxiety 

As I shared above, black maca is used to treat memory issues but it is also beneficial to improve mood and reduce anxiety. Maca contains plant compound flavonoid which helps to treat mood, anxiety, and depression, especially in menopausal women.


maca root benefits

 Stronger Immune System 

The immune system is a process that protects your body from toxins and infections. It fights different diseases that occur in your body. Maca helps to boost the immune system and also protects you from early miscarriages.


maca root benefits

 Weight Loss 

Obesity is becoming a major problem nowadays. Maca can reduce stagnant weight if you use it in your daily diet, along with daily physical activity. In my case, even without jogging or gym sessions, I could experience weight reduction, but it’s way more effective when you associate it with exercise.


maca root benefits

 Muscle Building 

Black maca is useful in muscle building. It is largely mentioned as a superfood for athletes, and you can use it in the morning meal before doing any exercise. It was a really good surprise when my body started changing, and I was seeing growth and definition in my muscles. People around me were like ”are you working out?”.


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 How to consume black maca daily? 



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Maca Coffee

If you start your day with a cup of coffee you can add a tablespoon of black maca powder to the cup. It will make you fresh and awaken all day. It will keep you energetic to do the different tasks that you can complete without feeling any fatigue.


prepare maca

Maca Smoothies

No worries if you are not a coffee lover you can add maca to your smoothie.
• Take 1 banana and a cup of strawberries
• Add a tablespoon of oats
• Add one tablespoon of black maca powder
Blend these ingredients together and enjoy the flavor and benefits as well.


prepare maca

Make a dessert

• Take one tablespoon of almond milk
• 1 tablespoon of black maca powder
• Add a few mashed dates
• 1 pinch of cinnamon
• 1 tablespoon of cocoa nibs
• Few drops of vanilla essence

Mix them together and enjoys this easy dessert in your breakfast or at mealtime.


black maca

 Get all benefits with high-quality Black Maca 

It is a natural herb, so men and women, both can use it to increase their sexual desires, and fertility, and treat other body problems. Some people complain that they used the powder but it does not work for them. For those here are a few tips I think are important to consider.

Purchase high-quality powder (pure, from a serious online store)
• Always purchase the right type of maca for you(Because it comes in 3 forms black, red and yellow)
• Take the right dosage that is enough for your activity level and weight.
• Stay consistent (Take a daily dosage of it for at least 2 months)

It responds differently to each individual. Some people notice black Peruvian maca benefits in a few days and others take weeks. But I am 100% sure if you follow the above instructions you will get the positive effects soon.

The root is sometimes considered to be men’s maca. It is because it improves sperm count and sperm motility in men. Meanwhile, women can also use it for fertility issues and to improve libido. Make sure to consult your doctor before using the plant in your diet if you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother.



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