15 Benefits of Yellow Maca

yellow maca benefits

This plant is commonly used for years. It is unique and affects men and women separately. This amazing root has lots of health benefits such as improving fertility, treating skin problems, boost up immunity, and lots more. In this article, we will discuss yellow maca and how it is beneficial for your health.

It improves skin health, mental health, fertility, treats thyroid issues, it can also treat menstrual cycle problems in women. There are also others types of maca available, black and red maca.


maca root benefits

Treat fertility in women

Women have been using this root for 1000 years to increase the chance of conceiving a child. Yellow maca balances the hormonal imbalance and regulates the menstrual cycle and improves ovulation. It is also considered as a powerhouse of different health nutrition that also improves fertility.


maca root benefits

Regularity of cycle

As we discuss above yellow maca promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and fertility.


maca root benefits


Yellow maca is considered safe to consume during pregnancy. It is good for infant development due to its healthy nutrient and minerals. Two teaspoons of its powder have three times more calcium than a glass of milk. Black and red maca are also used to improve bone strength and density. But if you are pregnant make sure to consult with your doctor before taking it.


maca root benefits

Promote healthy skin

As maca improves hormone imbalance in the body, it usually has positive effects on skin tone. It reduces hormonal acne as well as improves skin elasticity. Not just the yellow one but black and red maca are also beneficial for the skin.


maca root benefits

Maca increases libido

It has one of the biggest benefits is, it increases sexual desire in men and women. People who suffer from low libido issues should use it in their diet.


maca root benefits

Menopause symptoms and Hot Flashes

It reduces the symptoms of menopause including, mood swings, insomnia, and hot flashes. These symptoms are treated with maca because it has the ability to treat hormonal imbalance and also effects on the endocrine system of the body.


maca root benefits

Hair growth

Hair growth is another benefit of yellow maca due to the ability of hormonal imbalance and other powerful nutrients. It has been taken by women with thinning hairs to increase hair growth.


maca root benefits

Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become weak and can be a break from minor bumps or sneezing. Therefore the women who use maca in their diet do not face this disease because it has properties to increase the density and strength of bone.


maca root benefits

Thyroid problems

It contains iodine and powerful hormone-balancing properties that have a positive effect on the thyroid. If you are allergic to maca then don’t use it.


maca root benefits

Enhanced Curve

Maca has another most interesting and effective benefit is it enhances the body shape of women. The yellow one works to balance female estrogen levels which improve the breast shape and size of a woman. Also, it has some muscle-building properties so that it also increases the size of the buttocks. Not just yellow maca do this job but other maca such as red and black maca also have these properties.


maca root benefits

Good for Athletes

It is a great food for athletes. It has properties to boost energy, strengthen bones, muscle building, and stamina. All kinds of maca have these properties.


maca root benefits

For Reducing Depression

One of the lesser-known benefits of maca is it reduces depression in women. It can be used as a mood lifter due to its high energizing properties and nutrient content.


maca root benefits

Improve mental health, focus, and memory

Maca has been used for memory health due to its nutritional values. It can improve, focus, clarity and boost memory in women.


maca root benefits

Improve digestion

Yellow maca also improves digestion and gut health. The people who have digestion and metabolic issues, the yellow one is useful to treat digestion and other problems related to gut health.


maca root benefits

High nutritional

Raw yellow maca is highly nutritious and high in carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and four unique glucosinolates. It is a great superfood for everyone. Due to its high nutritional value maca can also use as an immune-boosting supplement. One of the amazing facts about this powerful Peruvian root is it is not gender-specific. It works equally for women and men.


peruvian maca use

 What is the right dosage for yellow maca? 

Maca is a Peruvian herb and is used as food. Its dosage depends on age, weight, and the overall health of a person’s body. The overweight people can take more dosage and the smaller one should take a low amount of dosage. You can start with more amount of dosage if you are younger and healthier.


yellow maca

 What does yellow maca taste like? 

Most people describe that it has a caramel flavor with some nutty, butterscotch, or earthy taste. It has a stronger flavor than red and black maca. It is the most commonly known type of maca. Black and red maca are not known by lots of people.


powder of peruvian maca

 How to consume Yellow maca for better results? 

Maca powder is available in different forms in the market. It comes in powder form, and you can also purchase dry maca powder capsules if you don’t like its nutty and earthy flavor. Here are some other ways to use the powder in your diet.


prepare maca


This is a lazy way to consume it. If your morning starts with a cup of coffee you can sprinkle maca into it. It is an easy way to consume it in the morning and enjoy its nutty and caramel flavor.


prepare maca


Use maca into smoothie its nutty and earthy flavor makes your smoothies more delicious.


prepare maca

Energy Balls

It can be added to energy balls. Mix some dates, cocoa powder a pinch of sea salt into the mixer, and also add a scoop of maca powder into it. The nutty flavor of maca when combined with cocoa becomes more delicious in taste.


prepare maca

Edible cookie

You can add the powder into biscuit dough and make it more healthy and nutritious. The nutty and butterscotch flavor of maca enhances the taste of cookies with chocolate chips. We hope this guide will help you a lot if you have any questions you can ask below.

So, which benefits of yellow maca do you like the most? If you are looking for a natural solution to improve your health in many areas, you just found it!




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